23 October 2008

The MB100 by Malaysian Business.

The October 16th-31st, 2008 edition of the MALAYSIAN BUSINESS magazine did their annual feature called the MB100, showcasing Malaysia's Largest Listed Companies, in terms of revenue and ranked them accordingly to Biggest Change in Profit, Highest Return on Turnover, Highest Return on Assets as well as Highest Return on Equity.

In terms of Turnover/Revenue, Sime Darby was miles ahead of its closest competitor, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. Recently merged Sime Darby recorded RM34.7 billion in revenue, with TNB at RM23.9 billion a distant second. Crest Builder Holdings Berhad, with RM365.8 million revenue for FY2007 did not qualify for the Top 100 at all. All the Top 100 companies on the list recorded turnovers exceeding RM 1 billion.

In terms of highest increase in turnover, Multi-Purpose Holdings, which recently completed the privatization of Magnum Corporation, recorded a 600% growth in revenue! The top construction counter was Zelan, who together with IJM Corporation and WCT Engineering recorded growths of over 100%. Crest Builder on the other hand had a respectable 14.9%.

In terms of highest Return on Equity, tobacco giants British American Tobacco had an impressive 211.6% ROE and sits at 1st ranking. In terms of ROE, Crest Builder actually has a ROE of 18.6%, and if fitted into the charts, would be at about 43rd place, just after gaming giants Resorts World and oil and gas player SapuraCrest. This 18.6% is actually even higher than Zelan (18.5%), YTL Corp (18.2%) as well as Sime Darby (17.3%).

In terms of Return on Assets, the consumer related corporations continue to be high performers. Names like Berjaya Sports Toto, BAT, PPB and DIGI.com make up the top 4 in the list. Crest Builder, with a Return on Asset of 13.1%, would rank a respectable 17th, with the likes of Ann Joo Resources Berhad.

In terms of Highest Return on Turnover, the PPB Group, with RM 3 billion in profits recorded a 232.5% return on its revenues. Conglomerates YTL Corp managed a 20.9% at 20th position. The only other construction counter in the Top 50 was Zelan with 10.6%. Crest Builder's FY2007 results shows a RM 40.2 million profits on a RM 365 million turnover; translates to 11% return on turnover.

The company at the top in terms of biggest change in profits is Press Metal Berhad, with over 1,943%!!! EON was close behind at 1902%. The top construction counter in the list was WCT Berhad with 98.9%. Crest Builder, which had a record breaking FY2007, had a 101% increase in profits.

There you go, just decided to fit in Crest Builder's statistics and figures of our FY2007 in the MB100. Go get yourself a copy of the latest Malaysian Business and read for yourself!


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