24 November 2008

3 Two Square in the news.

I was reading through an article by Mr S C Cheah today in The Star entitled "Freebies galore as developers push sales" and funnily, there was a sizable picture of 3 Two Square. (note below) However, after reading through the entire article - but there was no mention on Crest Builder or 3 Two Square at all.

In challenging times like this, many developers must be suffering quite badly I assume. According to Cheah, generous freebies and incentives are also thrown in to push the sales. But so far, its been the 'big boys' who are doing so.

I saw a huge advert near Centrepoint at Bandar Utama the other time - a well known developer is offering a "Guarantee Buy-Back" option. This is a very interesting offering - bearing in mind the market conditions are tough, and property buyers and investors might be taking a very safe stand as to purchase or not to purchase. In this case, the cash buyers would look at it as a safe approach - hence make their moves.

With this kind of offers, I think there will be a certain amount of buyers and consumers who may come out of their hidings and make some purchases. But most others may still take a safer stand and wait before anything happens.

Lets see how the year ends and see what 2009 has to offer.


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