12 March 2009

Air Asia X - Flying KL to London.

Now Everyone Can Fly - this is the tagline for the Asia's no.1 low cost carrier.

I have used Air Asia only once so far - that was a fine flight to Phuket in Thailand. Come this April, I will be taking Air Asia to Hong Kong. But anyways, today's post is not about Air Asia - instead, about Air Asia X.

Today, Air Asia X flew its inaugural flight from KL to London's Stansted Airport. I know one guy who was on the flight - PJ Utara MP Tony Pua, as he mentioned it on his blog and Facebook too. I know that Dato Seri Tony Fernandes would be very happy during this occasion, and as a Malaysian, I too am happy for him. At least now we know that we don't have to fork out few thousands of ringgits to get a flight to London.

I used Stansted Airport before; in fact it is one of Britain's busiest airports. I used to take flights from Stansted for the Ryanair flights from London to Venice, to Brussels and so on back then when I was studying in London.

Tony mentioned in his press release to CNN that he's looking for other European destinations - let me suggest a few for you. How about Manchester? Since Air Asia has affiliations with Manchester United, I guess that is one destination that should be on the cards. Take Manchester, and then add in other cities such as Paris, Milan and so on; and then finally, put in flights to New York or LA in USA and we Malaysians can be proud to know that our homegrown low cost carrier is now The World's Low Cost Carrier.

Dato Seri Tony and his dream coming true.

Air Asia is a true example of how dreams can come true. In fact, I believe that Dato Seri Tony has done such a great job in managing Air Asia from its humble beginnings to what it is today.