23 June 2009

Malaysia's Real GDP To Fall 4.4%.

According to The Star today, it reported that World Bank mentioned that Malaysia's real GDP is expected to fall by about 4.4% - due to our high reliance on exports. I believe that this forecast is expected to hit our KLCI markets real badly. We shall see how the KLCI performs later.

Plus, the Dow Jones did lost 200+ points this morning - or 2.35%. That should be a good indicator for how our KLCI performs.

Anyways, here's the article.

BANGKOK: Malaysia’s real gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to fall by 4.4% this year before recovering to 2.2% next year and 5.3% in 2011, the World Bank said in its report on the global economic situation.

The report, Global Development Finance 2009: Charting a Global Recovery, said the 4.4% contraction was a result of high and undiversified dependence on exports of electronics, oil and crude palm oil, all of which were falling sharply, coupled with its relatively small domestic market.


  1. interesting read :)

    a small complaint though:
    darker font colours may contribute to a better reading experience, less eye strain due to low contrast :D