13 July 2009

The Sky Is The Limit.

Remember my post awhile ago?

So its confirmed and its final - Cristiano Ronaldo goes to Real Madrid for a reported 80 million EUROS - thats the transfer fee. But now, take a look at his wages!

He will get a minimal of 13 million euros per annum - thats more than RM60million a year just to run around, chasing after a football - on top of that, he still has his advertisement endorsements, merchandise commissions, sponsorships etc.

That is seriously a crazy amount of money.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the current wonderboy superstar, had 80,000 fans greeting him on his introduction, and apparently sold 15 shirts per minute! On the other hand, the 1998 World Cup superstar Michael Owen did not sell any shirts at all on his introduction at Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Michael Owen - one is current, the other is from not too long ago.

Lets see how this football season comes up to.


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