25 February 2010

Beautiful Skylines.

I was reading up on the Skyscrapercity forums last night - and then I came across some very interestingly beautiful city skylines of the world - in fact, I would say it looks really very marvelous and the scenery is just extraordinary. For the purpose of this post - I've decided to exclude the Middle East - as I reckon the pictures there would outdo all of them here. Or at least, most of them here.
This is Vancouver.
The building architecture is nothing extra special - but the backdrop setting of the mountains is a pure beauty. No wonder they did so many filmings there.

The city of Shanghai.
Skyscrapers, supertalls, unique structures. You have them all at Shanghai.

A very densed Hong Kong.
I believe that Hong Kong would win the best skyline award hands down. Too easy for them. The buildings - the skyline are filled with supertalls and skyscrapers. Too easy for them. Beautiful city.

Mounting Tokyo.
Quite an old city with some snow capped volcanic mountain behind it. Brilliant.

Toronto - yet another city with beautiful buildings.
It seems like Canada has plenty of beautiful and scenic atmospheres. Tall buildings, beautiful skyscrapers, nice skyline.

But then, dont dismiss off our own Kuala Lumpur yet.

I believe we have a good chance to show off our beautiful skyline too.

With the Twin Towers powering us, I think our skyline is quite impressive too.

*Pictures courtesy of Skyscrapercity.com Forums*