05 March 2010

The CNY Lion Dance Performance at Desa ParkCity.

Actually - there should be a correction to the title of the blog post - this is actually more on the Chinese New Year Lion Dance performances at my site - the Northshore Gardens at Desa ParkCity. ParkCity had their own performances at the Waterfront - so this one is purely at the site only.

It was supposed to start at 5pm - but it started raining.
But that did not stop the people from waiting around - we waited from 5pm until about 6.45pm when the lions finally came to the site. The Project Manager as well as my General Manager were there too - together with the client's Project Manager.

The 'sang choy' that was hung to a PVC pipe from scaffolding.
The height of it - it was probably about 8-10 ft from the ground - and then we thought - lets do something extra special since its at the site.

The 'sang choy' + angpow was then hoisted up using the tower crane!
We hoisted it up - probably to about 10-12 ft and wondered if the lions were tall enough. We had to lower it a bit for them to pick up the sang choy.

So... enter the lions...
The lions proceeded with the prayers first - then continued to the main area where the sang choy was...

The lions climbed really high - and then picked up the sang choy.
For good luck + prosperity purposes - the sang choy was given to ME! Hehe...

A group photo.
(from left to right) Myself, the GM, the PM and the client's PM.

One more for the cameras!!!

Anyways, in case I forgotten, let me once again wish everyone the best of luck in the Year of the Golden Tiger! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!! HUAATTT AHHH!!!!!!!


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