25 April 2010


  1. Hi Eric,
    I'm new to ur blog and also I hv some shares in CrestBld...I would like to know abt the UNITAPAH project....it's been so long since ur company had beed awarded the LOI....can leak some news out abt that project...

  2. Hi there John,

    Okay I cant leak out any news on the project.

    But negotiations have already reached the final stage. And the project is to be secured very soon.

    I hope that answers your question.

  3. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for ur response...Glad to hear that the project is in the final stage.My guess will be on the month of June when the PM announce the 10MP and the new NEM..Hope ur company can win the Sime Darby Medical Desa ParkCity project too...Ur company really need to win more project in order for the big investor to buy ur shares...For the past few years,the stock was really boring and lagged behind......

  4. Hi Eric,
    I'm really surprise and disappointed on the way the fund investor ignoring your company. Although hv a very good fundamental and stable contract and profitable,still the counter attract little attention.More disappointed is other bad and loss making companies can generate so much attention and buyer...Don't know how to descibe this phenomenon.....Pls. comment.By the way,can u pls publish my comment...Tks.

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