25 May 2011

The Biggest Errors People Make When Investing in Properties.

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I read this article on The Star Property by Michael Tan - on the Three biggest errors people make when investing in properties. He spoke about whether the property was for keeping, or to sell... and then not understanding the mindset of the locals, as well as not getting to know the area well. I somewhat agree with what he said - and I would have some extra points to add on as well.

Condominiums in Penang.

If you ask me - understanding the locals would be amongst the toughest criteria to cover. It is tough to know what the local mindset is; but then again, sometimes the majority of the community can be quite predictable as most of us all are trend followers, arent we? LOL.

If you compare properties with food joints... the lower end properties are like your Chinese kopitiams, where you have your chicken rice, char kuey teow and so on for like RM6-8 and below. The higher end properties are like going to a proper restaurant like Oriental Pavilion or Ah Yat etc, and your meals are averagely RM40++ per person. The medium end... to me, are likened to bak kut teh joints, whereby your meals range from RM20+ per person.

Say you're in the financial district of the city... i.e. KLCC area, or Jalan Raja Chulan for instance. On a bad day for the stock market, the high rollers go for a slightly cheaper meal at the bak kut teh joints, and the bak kut teh goers go to the kopitiams. On a good day, the kopitiam goers upgrade and end up at the bak kut teh shops, whereas the bak kut teh goers end up going for their abalones and shark fin's soup elsewhere. This is the same with properties. In my opinion, if you are going for the medium-end properties, which ranges from RM500k-RM700k, your investment is pretty safe, and there would be plenty of upgraders as well as downgraders - the in-between, the bridge...

SO... the next question is... to keep or to flip?

Like what Mr Michael said, properties for flipping are usually the ones with has the highest capital appreciation in the shortest amount of time. These are usually the landed properties. A simple formula to calculate capital returns would look like this...
The returns will be the total returns you would get. Assuming you achieved 30% returns in 3 years, the next thing you need to do is to divide that to determine your simple returns per year (as compared to compounded returns)

Properties for keeping are the ones that fetch rental returns higher than 6%. These are usually high-rise in nature. Here’s the formula for rental returns...
It is the main criteria to look into before you decide what strategy to adopt before deciding what type of property to invest into. Also, it’s crucial to estimate the returns of investment you desire and the timeline of which to exit. Having exit strategies prior to starting is critical to your success.

Once again, the question comes back to the same item. Rental Returns.

I had mentioned this before - and once again, my stand remains. It has come to my attention that a lot of properties in Klang Valley are not fetching yields of 8% like how they were previously. Here's my reply to that... YOU ARE RIGHT! If you could get a property that fetches you a 8% yield, by all means, dont ever sell it - at least not yet.

Based on the recent research and feedback from various agents, it seems like a lot of properties in Mont Kiara and KL area are fetching yields of 5-6%, which in my honest opinion, is very good.

TTDI Plaza.

Today, Malaysian banks are offering between 2.6% up to about 3% in interest rate returns for Fixed Deposits, a far difference from the 5-6% years ago - which had prompted property returns to about 8%. Today, at 3%, I believe that the proper adjusted property yields should hover at 4-5%. I believe that a lot of people may not agree with me - but I believe this is the scenario that we are facing now in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are hoping for capital gains, then expect your rental returns/yields to drop. =P

Centrestage, a new development in Section 13, PJ.


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