15 May 2012

Avenue Crest - Show Unit Viewing. =P

Avenue Crest gives the smaller business owners an opportunity to upgrade – upgrade to a 1st class image, at a very affordable price.”

Well, the show unit has been completed already - and is ready to welcome visitors. =) This weekend - on Saturday and Sunday, the 19th and 20th of May 2012 - from 10am til 6pm - we will be having a show unit viewing session and presentation - where my agents will be presenting to you on the investment yields, the property itself... and so much more!!! 

That is not all - there will be breakfast and hi-tea provided - and so far, I have carefully selected a full range menu that includes nasi beryani, Singapore fried mee hoon, popiah, curry puffs, satay, nasi lemak, kuih koci, spaghetti and SO MUCH MOREEEEEE!!!!!!! 

Come and check it out!!! Ohh... did I mention that there will be an early bird discount too?

In case you were wondering whats the construction status, it is already on the Level 7 already, and would be scheduled for completion next year.... =P


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