02 July 2013

Keep Calm and Buy a Unit at Alam Sanjung. =)

SO.... The markets has been rather good recently. Especially the property markets.

On our side, things has been rather good as well... and ALAM SANJUNG, our latest development will be launched very very very soon... if previously I mentioned months, right now we are down to the weeks... In fact, we are already launching internally to our staffs and associates, and it will be opened up to the public very soon. =)

Well, this is ALAM SANJUNG. 

It is a freehold development, with commercial title. There are two 25 storey blocks, each with 300 units - featuring 3 distinctive types, Type A, A1 and A2. The Development is easily accessible from Federal Highway, ELITE and Puchong highways. In case you were planning to buy to rent it out, there are plenty of universities and educational institutes within its vicinity. If you are comparing the prices between Alam Sanjung and some of our competitor's launches recently, we are definitely more affordable... in fact, it is such a BARGAIN! =P

So... for those of you who have pre-booked and pre-registered, get your documentations ready - our guys will be calling you very very soon to come into our Sales Office to confirm your units. 

We have received overwhelming response for the 1st block of 300 units. For those of you who have booked, you can safely say your pre-booked unit has already appreciated in capital values based on our latest survey of the surrounding developments.

Did you give me a valid phone number to call? Pls make sure cos we will be calling you...

For those who booked more than one unit, we will be allowing up to two units maximum for the time being to ensure that there will be enough for everyone... 

For those of you who decided not to book yet.... well, perhaps you may have missed out on a super good deal. 

More Units? The 2nd phase of launch will only come in sometime closer to the end of the year. 

SO... Excited already?



  1. Hi Mr. Eric. Darren here from Penang. I'm a property negotiator. I wonder if we can help you market alam sanjung in the northen region? Thanks rgrds, Darren. darrenwkl@gmail.com, 0111-4271046.