21 January 2014

New vision, new properties for a Happy New Year.

Chinese New Year came early at Nippon Paint’s 12,000sq ft showroom when a group of next generation developers dropped by to share their roll-out of properties for 2014.

THEY’RE young, they’re dynamic. They’re set to trailblaze with their new roll-out of properties this year. That’s what we’ve gathered and more from a sporting group of next generation developers who gamely joined StarProperty, taking time off from their hectic schedules to offer insights on the property market and also, their robust game plan for 2014. 

Along the way, we learnt about their favourite colours and what this says about them, the values they admire and emulate. Not only was this a refreshing change from the normal routine, they also gamely joined in a video session that was conducted by former Miss Malaysia World 2005/2006 Emmeline Ng. A festive air of camaraderie quickly enveloped the creatively done up space at the Nippon Paint showroomtucked in its headquarters in Shah Alam as the developers mingled among themselves and also gained some insights into the plight of Gen Yers and what they are looking for in their future property purchases. 

Special thanks go out to Albert Nico Boutique Salon stylist Keith Ong and Estee Lauder chief makeup artist Joyce Lee as well as Miss Malaysia World 2005/2006 Emmeline Ng for conducting the video shoot.

Eric Yong 
Crest Builder Holdings Berhad executive director

Favourite colour: 
All kinds of colours

Why don’t you have a particular favourite colour? 
I’m a colourful person and also believe life is colourful. Life has its ups and downs, so a certain day could be a blue day, and other days are more colourful.

What are the property trends for 2014?
The trends are evolving. So, if you’re talking about trends, it’s either super luxurious or you can adopt a different approach. In the past, developers tried to play with prices and finishes. But, new developments are trying a “raw” and different approach. We are also testing out new ideas – what I call the “wild” approach leading to “wow” projects.

How is this reflected in your roll-out of properties in 2014? 
We’re looking to introduce certain“wow”developments in Kelana Jaya and parts of Kuala Lumpur.



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