01 February 2008

About Me.

My name is Eric Yong.

I graduated from City University, London back in 2003 and joined Crest Builder Sdn Bhd as the Special Assistant to the Group Managing Director. Since joining Crest Builder, I had been involved in a few high profiled projects - including the award winning The Residence at Taman Tun Dr Ismail and The Meritz along Jalan Ampang.

I took up the position of Business Development Director soon after, looking and analyzing potential business and expansion opportunities around the region. In fact, we were planning to set up branch in Thailand, Vietnam as well as Kazakhstan.

I am currently the Executive Director of Crest Builder Holdings Berhad. I was appointed to the Board in early 2008.

I was reading online of some of the top CEOs in all these American firms and groups having their very own CEO blogs. I mean, they rated Jonathan Schwartz's of Sun Microsystems, Adobe's Kevin Lynch and even Dallas Mavericks' Mark Cuban's blogs amongst the top 10 in the world of CEO blogs. These guys can really write! - they provide an insider of their personal thoughts, their targets and objectives for their companies, and an industry outlook just to mention a bit.

I then searched around for a construction-based or say, building industry insider blog. But I couldnt find any.

Hence I decided to start one of my own.

From The Penthouse represents my personal views on the Property and Construction Industry in Malaysia, and perhaps in the region. I enjoy writing and commenting on things that happen around and I trust that my views are generally accurate to a certain extent.

From The Penthouse was inspired by a recent office shift. We shifted our Crest Builder corporate headquarters from our previous office in Taman Megah to our very own building at 3 Two Square. Our current corporate office is located at the Penthouse of The Crest at 3 Two Square in Petaling Jaya.

Come and frequent this blog more often and see for yourself, what there is at stake in the Property and Construction industry and perhaps what the Crest Builder group of companies can offer to you.

Feel free to comment; I promise I will reply all constructive criticisms.