23 February 2009

Corporate Branding.

Last week, according to Tony's blog, Manchester United approached Air Asia on whether they would be interested to be the shirt sponsor. Can you imagine our local home-grown superstar low cost airline's logo on the red shirt of the world's most well-known football icon?

Photo from Tony's blog - tonyfernandesblog.com

This is seriously good stuffs, and I reckon if it truly happens, it would be a great first for Malaysia. Air Asia and Manchester United - a partnership of the top brands.

Why am I so interested in this topic?

I currently head the Branding side - and I envision Crest Builder being amongst the market leaders in the local property and construction industry in the near future. We've got some good show so far - we started off with completing projects with the Singapore-strict CONQUAS21 standards, completing the RM 1,300psf The Meritz at Jalan Ampang, getting an award for the Kenneth Yeang-designed The Residence at TTDI, and currently we are doing some projects around the city centre, many of which have great exposure to the public.

The Meritz, Jalan Ampang.

A lot of different plans are needed for the branding of a construction firm. Of course, a multi-million dollar shirt sponsorship with Manchester United would do wonders for Air Asia. (for your information, AIG's deal with Man United was over USD50million - thats over RM 150 million!)

For a construction firm, the fundamentals have to be right - a good track record spanning years of success, good reputation amongst the developers and consultants, good quality for show to the end users and buyers just to name a few. Construction always revolves around the 3 core things - time, cost and quality. A good contractor would be a contractor who completes projects within the stipulated time, without cost overruns and with exceptionally good quality.

Crest Builder has been consistently doing that - and I know we shall be amongst the 'Premier League' boys in the near future.


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