03 March 2009

A Winning Mixture of Youth & Experience.

Before I start with how we are mixing youth and experience together, I would like to congratulate the newly crowned Carling Cup champions, Manchester United. Man United, are in fact, the best example of having a winning mixture of youth and experience.

Just look at the team that won the Carling Cup on Sunday.

Ben Foster with the Cup.

Goalkeeper Ben Foster, despite being like 3rd choice behind veterans Edwin van der Sar and Tomas Kuszczak, is only 25 years old. Check out the defence lineup - Irish John O'Shea and Frenchman Patrice Evra are both 27 years old, alongside the more senior fullback, Rio Ferdinand and of course, boy wonder 21 year old Jon Evans. Do note that Rio is barely 30 years old. Take those 5 under-30-year olds in defence, and then add in 21 year old Darron Gibson, 22 year old Nani and 24 year old superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in a midfield led by veteran Paul Scholes, we have here a very solid engine room for Man United.

The attacking duo of 25 year old Carlos Tevez and 18 year old Danny Welbeck also speaks wonders for the management skills of Alex Ferguson, oops I meant Sir Alex Ferguson. The first eleven averages under 25 years old - and I believe this lineup here potentially represents the future of Manchester United.

Back home here in the office, while most other companies and corporations have been rumoured to be on a retrenchment or downsizing in view of the economy downturn, we have identified this downturn to be an opportunity - in fact, we are expanding and increasing our order book carefully in order to elevate ourselves to the next level.

With a circle of core senior management and technical staffs, we have also employed many young and energetic juniors to assist these senior staffs, both on site and in the office. So far, we have identified quite a number of these junior staffs who are able and have been showing good all-round performances for various promotions and new roles and responsibilities.

We believe in investing in our people - and by various different forms of investment, including both time, money plus education, most of these staffs are able to evolve from a 'fresh clean piece of paper' into a full documentary and article in years to come. This is part of our succession planning.

By having a mixture of the youth of the juniors plus the experience of the senior staffs, we believe that we could become like Manchester United. Man United emerged from a mid-table team in the 1980s, and then slowly became the global powerhouse from 1990s and never looked back.

Gary Neville - the current team captain.

Their current crop of the Jon Evans', Gibsons and Welbecks are like the 3rd or 4th generation of youth injection that has come out successfully through Alex Ferguson's youth policy. The first batch of the Nevilles, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and so on are near retirement times; they were along the way joined by the next batch of Luke Chadwick and Kieron Richardson until now.

Construction however, has a longer employee life cycle as compared to football. People tend to work beyond their 50s in construction, while footballers usually retire by the time they are 35.

Lets see how I can take my knowledge on football and try to apply it into management.


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