31 March 2009

Meru, Klang.

Its been some time since I last dropped by in Meru, Klang to check out our Crest Builder store yard. Heading down there with my Tender Division chief as well as the Risk Manager. Meru has developed from a really small town into a much bigger and massive town. Meru should not just be spelled as Meru anymore - instead, spelled as MERU - yes, all in caps.

Anyways, that would be another story.

My Risk Manager stays in Setia Alam; and being a contractor/developer, we felt that we should really check out the place. I have a friend whose dad stays in Setia Eco Park - its really spacious and beautiful and the quality of the products are pretty good too.

When you look at Setia Eco Park and Setia Alam, who would have imagined that S P Setia managed to transform that Meru/Shah Alam/Klang area into a booming township of what it is today. The highway interchange that had been built by S P Setia had obviously drawn most of the Meru traffic through Setia Alam; plus if you look at the shops and retail area, it looks really popular and busy most of the time. And for those who enjoy grocery shopping, we've got TESCO there too.

Courtesy of setiaalam.today.com.

I think S P Setia has done a magnificent job in the development of Setia Alam and Setia Eco Park. In fact, I feel that its probably because of this particular development that the value of our storeyard land in Meru had appreciated tremendously over the years.


  1. long time i didn't go through setia alam
    since move to jb