05 March 2009

Paintball with My Colleagues.

Just last Saturday, in a bid that shows that I am not the all serious type of 'work, work and work' only, I decided to have a little team building session with a handful of my colleagues - through a fun game of paintball. We had a good mix in the group, featuring my colleagues from both the sites as well as the office.

I believe that team sports or games such as paintball, futsal and even badminton are good games to release the work stress, while at the same time build some team spirit. I'm quite sure those of you who reads my blog knows what on earth is paintball - hence no further explanation required I supposed.

Anyways, check out some of the action in the photos.

This was actually towards the end - having some target practice.

Although we were playing in the rain, we managed to talk through some strategy and planning before embarking in one of the battles.

The group sharing some thoughts of the just-ended session.

Myself in action - I intentionally wore a bright colour so that the fellas can take the opportunity to spot me and shoot me if they want - perhaps it could be a better form of stress reliever for them to shoot their boss! LOL.

The team lineup.

At the end - they did shot me. In fact, it was a very painful headshot.

I'm glad the group enjoyed themselves. I always try my best to please the colleagues and staffs with various fun activities like this, and some monthly futsal sessions as well as the one type that pleases everyone - FOOD.

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