10 August 2009

The Edge™– Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Rat Race®.

As extracted from their website, The Edge™– Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Rat Race® is an annual event for charity which began in 2000. Modelled after the Carey Wall Street Rat Race, the Kuala Lumpur Rat Race® is a platform for Corporate Malaysia to come together to help the needy in a novel way. The Race is the one day in the year that top executives and office workers forget about the rat race they run in daily, and join a rat race of a different kind. It also gives these workers a good excuse to leave the office early after a hard day’s work. The Race covers 4.5km through the commercial heart of Kuala Lumpur, starting and finishing at the grounds of Bursa Malaysia. A 1km race for CEOs is also held simultaneously on that day.

Why am I blogging about this today?

Thats because we are running in the race TOMORROW!!!!!

This year, being our maiden year of participation, is also the Rat Race's 10th year! Quite a memorable year - and we believe that we will be actively participating in this annual event!

I was just discussing this with a couple of other colleagues - the race route would generally pass through 3 construction sites - of which, 2 are ours... the route is pretty close to our Bukit Ceylon as well as the Menara Wakaf projects - and the boys there will definitely be supporting our runners!!!

Our participation in the CEO race will be represented by Executive Director Mr Lee Sooi Teng, a super fit and super active sportsman; He's been in Crest Builder for 20 years already since 1989 and he's the perfect candidate to run for this race!

On the team race - the team consists of the team leader, Risk Manager Teh Heng Wee (standing in the centre), Tan from the Contracts Division, Lim from our Desa ParkCity project, Sri from the Safety Division and Lawrence from our Kiaramas project.

The race day starts tomorrow afternoon - do come and support us if you can!


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