03 August 2009

The Weekend.

The weekend was somewhat a very controversial one - whereby two demonstrations were scheduled to take place. Apparently only one of them continued on - the other decided to cancel.

Today marked the first day of the new board structure of the Bursa Malaysia. The boards have been streamlined and merged - whereby the Main and Second Boards have been merged into a single unified board for established companies and will be called the Main Market. The current MESDAQ Market, which is traditionally for technology-based and high growth companies, will also be transformed into an alternative market for emerging companies of all sizes and sectors and will be called the ACE Market. This change is supposed to encourage and attract more investments and make the markets more attractive.

But, With scenes like this going on during the weekends, how are we to expect foreign investors to throw their money into our country?

Perhaps, I think the rakyat would need to be more 'innovative' in showing their emotions and sharing their thoughts. Seriously, these kind of actions would need to be curbed. I hear of my friends and colleagues who got stuck in 4-5 hour jams on Friday night and all over Saturday just trying to get around Klang Valley. All got so frustrated, and so annoyed.

If we felt so annoyed, imagine the prospective investors. They would feel the same too.


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